2023 TAC-Lerners Trauma Research Competition 

Applications for the 2023 TAC-Lerners Research Competition have now closed.


The Competition: Since 2019, the Trauma Association of Canada (TAC) has been pleased to announce a  call for submissions for an annual “TAC-Lerners Research Grant.” The one-time (non-renewable) grant  of $5000 is intended to fund new interdisciplinary Canadian trauma research. The first grant was  awarded in 2020. 

About Lerners: Lerners LLP ( https://www.lerners.ca/) one of Canada’s leading law practices, has been  helping trauma patients for 90 years, as part of the trauma recovery journey. Because Lerners LLP knows  that trauma research improves the care of the injured patient and their return to the community, they  have made a historic commitment to furthering trauma research in Canada in the form of an annual  grant of $5000.00 provided to, and administered by TAC, for a period of five (5) years. It is to be  awarded to a TAC member who submits an innovative trauma research proposal for consideration. The  winner will be announced at the TAC annual scientific meeting and conference each year. 

Criteria for the Competition: Potential impact on the lives of trauma patients or their  families/communities, scientific methodology and merit, creativity, multidisciplinary collaboration, and  patient centred approach. At least one member of the research team had to be a TAC  member. Proposals were also judged on how they capture the spirit of the vision of Lerners LLP; “Every  case is different. Every client is unique. Every injury is personal” and the vision of TAC to “improve the  lives of all those affected by, or at risk of traumatic injury.” 

The winner of Lerners LLP Trauma Research Competition will be requested to present their work in the  form of a podium presentation at the annual meeting of the Trauma Association of Canada the following  year. 

At least one person from the proposal MUST be present on April 21, 2023, in person in Edmonton when  the winner will be announced. Winners of the competition will be requested to present their work in the  form of a podium presentation at the annual meeting of the Trauma Association of Canada the following  year in 2024. Those who are interested in submitting a proposal should prepare a one-page overview  

that includes the following information: 

Title of project 

List of project team members: (name, discipline, site for all team members, and identify TAC  membership status as at least one member of the research proposal must be a current Member at the  time of the application) 


Research aim/proposal/objectives:  


Why should this project be funded/supported/why should you be selected? 

Email application to Cheryl Connors, TAC Executive Director at exec.director@traumacanada.org