Dr Charles Burns TAC Board Recognition Award-Call for Nominations for 2023

The Dr. Charles Burns Board Recognition Award was created in 2015 and was awarded for the first time in 2016, to recognize and honour the visionary leadership of Dr. Burns, the first Chairman of the Coordinating Committee on Trauma for C.A.G.S. that met on Feb 19, 1983, to discuss the formation of a trauma association in Canada. He subsequently chaired the founding Executive Committee that led to the creation of a proposal for a Canadian Trauma Association.  On Sept 20, 1983, Dr. Burns became the first President of the Trauma Association of Canada/L’Association Canadienne de Traumatologie (TAC/ACT).  Dr. Burns’ hard work and volunteer efforts, combined with his unrelenting passion to make a difference to the care of trauma patients and their families resulted in a significant contribution to the creation of TAC, bringing together and strengthening the network of trauma specialists who care for the injured patient.  He was highly respected for his efforts in developing, maintaining, and sustaining the Trauma Association of Canada over many years. He passed away in Winnipeg on December 9, 2013. In his honour, the Board of Directors of TAC has created and sponsored this recognition award to be presented to an individual (Physician or other Health Care Professional) who has been a past member of TAC and who, on a consistent basis, exemplifies the characteristics of Dr. Burns by demonstrating outstanding leadership, endless passion, a spirit of volunteerism and who is considered a visionary and innovator in the field of trauma care by their colleagues.

Eligibility Elements

The Board of Directors will consider (but is not limited to) the following elements in the selection of candidates for this prestigious award:

  • Has been an active Member or Affiliate of TAC for a minimum of five (5) years
  • Has a minimum of five (5) years of trauma care experience.
  • Is (or has in the past) been registered to practice in Canada.
  • Has demonstrated volunteerism and a significant contribution to TAC at the local, provincial, national or international
  • Has promoted and/or conducted basic science and clinical trauma research.
  • Has promoted the adoption of best practices in trauma care in their organization/region.
  • Has demonstrated a leadership role or has held a key leadership position in an organization related to the specialty of trauma care.
  • Has demonstrated political advocacy to promote legislation designed to reduce the incidence of injury.
  • Has built coalitions with key partners in trauma care and injury prevention
  • Promotes the highest standards of interprofessional care of the trauma patient.
  • Has effectively engaged, encouraged, collaborated with others in the speciality of trauma care
  • Has role modelled commitment to professional self-development and lifelong learning


Application & Selection Process:

A call for nominations will be communicated in September each year to the active Member and Affiliate list but applications will be received at any time throughout the year prior to the deadline date. Names for consideration may be submitted by way of a letter, by any Member or Affiliate of TAC to the Board of Directors (BOD) via the Executive Director at info@traumacanada.org


Deadline for submission is February 1, 2023.

The letter must speak to any of the elements that apply to the candidate. Additional information highlighting the candidate’s suitability for this award will be welcomed by the Board for their consideration.

Upon receiving the application, a Director on the Board (Past President), will present the candidates to the full Board of Directors for consideration.

The BOD by majority vote will select the individual for the Award.

(Note: Should there be no names put forth by the Membership, the BOD, may choose to put forth a name).

Candidate Notification:

The Candidate will be notified of the Recognition Award by the President of TAC for acceptance.

The Award

The Candidate will be invited to attend the TAC Annual Scientific Meeting and Conference to receive their framed Award during this time and to be presented to the Membership. Their name will be posted on the TAC website and communicated in the electronic newsletter.


Approved by TAC Board of Directors, April 9, 2015




Feb 01 2023


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