CTOMS Trauma Physicians 1-Day Course April 18 or 19th in Edmonton, AB


The CTOMS Emergency Procedures Course is a unique opportunity to practice high acuity, low occurrence procedures on real pathophysiological training model (PTM). The course is designed to be a 1 full day trauma management saturation experience.

The focus is to provide maximum time executing procedural skills through a combination of task trainers and high-fidelity PTMs. The tabletops are run with PTMs at a ratio of 1x instructor and PTM to 3 students.

The procedures/ skills covered are as follows:

  • Hemorrhage control, including direct and indirect pressure, wound packing, hemostatic dressings, limb tourniquets, including release and removal.
  • Anatomical, digital, and needle chest decompression. Chest seal application.
  • Finger and tube thoracostomy with Heimlich Valve, and Pleur-evac.
  • Abdominal evisceration management.
  • Surgical airway.
  • Intraosseous insertion, administration, and troubleshooting.
  • Damage control resuscitation, including tranexamic acid, blood product, and whole blood administration.
  • Lateral canthotomy.
  • Field amputation.
  • Resuscitative thoracostomy.

Course Delivery:

CTOMS Training facility, 4727 101 St. NW Edmonton, AB


1 full day in-house.




Ideal for emergency and rural/remote/austere physicians, as well as other health care professionals that are required to perform life saving interventions.

Date: April 18th & 19th

Full Day Course: $2400.00

Register online using this link.

After you register, email training@ctomsinc.com to notify CTOMS of your preferred date.

Download the course flyer here!



Apr 18 - 19 2023
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