I am already a Member but Remind Me How I Renew Again? 

If you paid by credit card last year for a 1 year membership then your membership will be automatically renewed on your anniversary date.  You do not have to do a thing! You will receive notice at 30 days, 15 days, 7 days & 1 day before it is to renew, in case you wish to change anything in your subscription. A receipt will be sent to you when your payment is processed.  If you have paid by cheque you will  not be on recurring membership and will have to renew again manually by going into your account and updating your information again.

If you have paid by credit card or cheque for a 2 year membership- these do not automatically renew so you will receive notice that your anniversary date is approaching but you will have to go into your account and sign up again!

More Information on the Continuous Renewal Program

We have often heard from members that their membership has lapsed because they have forgotten to renew by the expiry date. We have also heard how annoying it is to get multiple reminders to renew. This is why we have implemented a “continuous renewal” process for all eligible Members and Affiliates (those who take a 1 year membership) and who pay by credit card on the TAC website or mail in their credit card information to the TAC office. So what does this mean?  It means you will no longer have to remember each year to renew by your expiry date. and Answers Regarding Continuous Renewal

What is continuous renewal?

The TAC “continuous renewal” process is a method that allows for automatic renewal of your membership on its expiry date if you pay via credit card through the TAC website, or if you mail in your credit card information directly to the TAC office for processing. Once you have initially joined or renewed your membership, our credit card processor (Stripe) will automatically charge your credit card or debit your account at the selected membership interval every year on your expiry date. With this worry-free feature, your membership benefits will continue without interruption.

Can Automatic Renewal be cancelled?

Yes it can! You can “opt out” of this program if you wish at the end of any membership year by contacting the Executive Director by email or phone or sending a note to the TAC mailing address a minimum of seven (7) days prior to your membership expiry date. TAC will provide you with notification by the email that you have provided on your file, of the impending automatic renewal of your membership at thirty (30) days, fifteen (15), seven (7) and one (1) day prior to your unique renewal date.  Should you opt out and then wish to “opt back in” for the automatic renewal process in a future year, you will simply have to notify the Executive Director to reinstate the process.

Unfortunately once we process the payment, refunds will not be issued for automatic renewal of membership fees if the member has not contacted the Executive Director seven (7) days prior to the membership expiry date to cancel automatic renewal.

Does TAC store my Credit Card information?

No. TAC does not store your credit card information in our database nor in any record held at the TAC office.  All credit card information is explicitly stored with the credit card processing company, Stripe.  Stripe is PCI compliant and meets all industry standards in ensuring the security of the financial information of our Members & Affiliates.  TAC does maintain a record of those participating in the program via your unique membership ID number and your contact information.

Who is NOT eligible for Continuous Renewal?

The following categories of Affiliates are not eligible for continuous renewal:

Students (Medical, Nursing, Allied Health or other- anyone who pay $50.00/yr)

Anyone who chooses a 2-year membership term.

These Affiliate categories of members will receive a reminder notice by email when renewal date is approaching and can still choose to pay on-line or manually using credit card or Interact. Their registrations will be processed but they will not be entered in the automatic renewal process.

Optional Two (2) Year Membership Discount

We appreciate your membership with TAC. As an incentive to stay with us we are offering a discount on membership dues of $5.00 per year for those who wish to sign up for a minimum of two (2) years.

Membership is Taxable within Canada

The benefits of a TAC membership meet the threshold set by the rules of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) which therefore obligates us to collect the appropriate level of tax (either GST or HST) calculated according to the province in which you reside (as determined by the mailing address you provide). These fees will automatically be calculated when you register online from the TAC website.  For those who wish to mail in their membership registration form, there is a handy tax calculation table included with the form to include the appropriate tax fee.

Note: Taxes are not applicable to Affiliates with an international address of residence.