VISION:  Improve the lives of all those affected by or at risk of traumatic injury.

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Sponsored TAC Lecture


2004 - Dr M Rotondo – “State of the union on the future of trauma)(Mont Tremblant QC)

2005 - Dr S Hamilton – combined with the Royal College lecture as combined meeting with the AATS – (Whistler, BC)

2006 - Dr R Ferrada – “trauma and education” (Banff, AB) Special Pan-American Trauma Society Lecture Aurelio Rodriguez – “The history and evolution of the Pan-American Trauma Society” (Banff, AB)

2007 - Dr J Pagliarello – “what’s new in organ donation” (Ottawa, ON)

2008 Dr B Boulanger – “Selective management of penetrating torso injury” (Whistler, BC)

2009 Dr B Pruitt – “Current status and new directions of editorial processing and publications at the Journal of Trauma” (Auckland, New Zealand)

2010 Dr Scott Dulchawsky (Halifax, NS)

2011 Dr Gustavo Fraga "Trauma Care in Latin America-A Vision for the Future" (Banff, AB)

2012 Dr Louis Francescutti "Creating a Stronger Voice for Reducing Injuries" (Toronto, ON)

2013 (last year for this Lecture to be sponsored by Royal College) Dr Ernest "Gene" Moore "Controversies in Post-Injury Hemostasis" (Whistler, BC)



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