VISION:  Improve the lives of all those affected by or at risk of traumatic injury.

TAC Fraser Gurd Lectures

Fraser Gurd Biography

1987 Dr. Charles Tator

1988 Dr. Robert Meek - J Trauma. 1989 Jun;29(6):716-8. The role of orthopedic surgery in modern Canadian trauma: 1988 Fraser B. Gurd lecture.

1989 Dr. Joseph Gruss - J Trauma. 1990 Apr;30(4):377-83. Complex craniomaxillofacial trauma: evolving concepts in management. A trauma unit's experience--1989 Fraser B. Gurd lecture.

1990 Dr. Charles Burns - J Trauma. 1991 Jun;31(6):856-66. The 1990 Fraser Gurd Lecture: a Canadian trauma registry system—nine years experience.

1991 Dr. D. Mulder - J Trauma. 1992 Dec;33(6):856-62. The 1991 Fraser Gurd Lecture: evolution of airway control in the management of injured patients.

1992 Dr. Barry McLellan

1996 Dr. Simpson

1997 Dr. C. Snelling

2001 Dr. John Sampalis - “Trauma care systems: evolution through evaluation”

2002 Dr. W. Geerts

2003 Dr. Ron Stewart

2004 Dr J Fish - “Burn care in Canada: Burn Voodo!”

2005 Dr Stewart Hamilton - combined with the Royal College lecture as combined meeting with the AATS

2006 Dr Murray Girotti - “Injury prevention – the final frontier”

2007 Dr J Ali - “Advanced Trauma Life Support – History and future” (Ottawa, ON)

2008 Dr R Meek - (Whistler, BC)

2009 Dr B Pruitt - “Impediments and enhancements of progress in trauma care” (Aukland, New Zealand)

2010 Dr Barry McLellan "Trauma 2020- Planning for an Unpredictable Future" (Halifax, NS)

2011 Dr Michael Fehlings "Repair & Regeneration of the Injured Spinal Cord: From Molecule to Man" (Banff, AB)

2012 Dr Rao Ivatury (Toronto, ON)

2013 Ms Paula Poirier BN MN RN "Leading Change...Navigating a Fast Track of System Design" (Whistler, BC)

2014 Dr David Mulder "Evolution of Trauma Care-Looking Forward" (Montreal PQ)

2015 Dr Ross Brown "Canadian Civilian & Military Cooperation in Trauma Education" (Calgary, AB)

2016 Dr Giuseppe Pagliarello "Trauma Care Has Changed- Celebrating the Past & Preparing for the Future" (Halifax, NS)

2017 Dr Richard Simons "Rural-Remote Trauma Care-The Neglected Disease of Modern Trauma Systems" (Vancouver, BC)



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