VISION:  Improve the lives of all those affected by or at risk of traumatic injury.

The Objective
The main objective of chair of research is to promote trauma research through Canada. To reach this goal, the following subjects are upon development. This could certainly interest and even help TAC members to develop their own participation into research in Canada.

The Committee of Research

A committee of research will be built in the next year. It will include any kind of professional that could have interest in trauma and bring specific expertise in the field. A lot of ideas could emerge from such a committee. This idea was launched earlier but it could not start because basis of this committee had to be build and well defined.

If you are interested in such a committee, contact the Research Chair and specify your particular interests.

The Consultation for Development of Protocols
The research committee will be available to answer specific questions such as the evaluation of protocols and their feasibility. The correspondents will have the opportunity to request help from the research committee in the development of research protocols (methodology, analysis, etc) or in the recruitment of persons to participate in their research. The research committee will also permit researchers to work with the National Trauma Registry. One of the goal of the chair of research is to provide opportunity to use NTR as a clinical tools and develops clinical projects from the registry.

Note that the Canadian Trauma Trial Collaborative (CTTC) is already mandated to work on multicenter prospective trials. So, the research group will work principally on retrosopective projects, modeling, evaluation, or any other fields that are not trials.

The Participation into Canadian Multicenter Research
The committee of research will develop multicenter projects, principally in the form of retrospective reviews of specific subjects (an example would be the practice of management of spleen injury). This will permit to increase the number of cases that could render a publication possible. Any TAC member with a good idea would have the opportunity to work on such work. The person submitting an idea and protocol will become the first author and the TAC research committee will help to recruit co-researchers.

The Benchmarks
A list of survival rate ratios (SRRs) has been developed from the National Trauma Registry using over 1 million of trauma patients. SRRs have been developed from ICD-9 codes. Assessment of outcome can be evaluated using these data. (click here to open the table).

The Future
The immediate future is to find out people interested in trauma research through Canada with different expertises. It is hoped that research may emerge throughout Canada as a natural collaboration. We wish to develop a solid network of researcher that will share ideas, work and expertise and hence, promote Canadian trauma research. The chair of research wish to become a communication channel for TAC members.

Obligation to Register Clinical Trials

Registration of Clinical Trials

Anyone who wish to communicate any suggestions or ideas is invited to do so through TAC central office or TAC chair of research this channel.


Dr. Neil Parry
Victoria Campus, London Health Sciences Centre
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