VISION:  Improve the lives of all those affected by or at risk of traumatic injury.

International Issues/Disasters Committee

Committee Mandate:

To provide TAC members and others with a source of information focused on disaster preparedness in Canada and current international issues and to provide the opportunity to network as health professionals on issues and initiatives.

The TAC International Issues/Disaster Committee web page will:

  1. Provide a repository for current, accurate disaster preparedness information. This information will include:
    • Lists of contacts and further information on national disaster response organizations, disaster planning and information websites (including links)
    • National and International Disaster Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Standards, current literature and links to libraries with information for leaders
    • Information on access to infrastructure information and where to seek help, work in various Regions and provinces across the country, how to examine and evaluate current structures and identify gaps.
  2. Highlight current international issues with information for health professionals on web sites that provided information on the incident, agencies and groups providing medical care and humanitarian relief.


For information or to join the committee, contact the Chair or Co-Chair.

Dr. Tarek Razek
Director, Trauma Program
McGill University Health Centre
Montreal, PQ

Ms. Rachelle Saybel, CARNA, STN, ENIG, NENA, ACTN
Trauma Coordinator
University of Alberta Hospital
Edmonton, AB  



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