VISION:  Improve the lives of all those affected by or at risk of traumatic injury.

S.T.A.R.T.T. Course Testimonials


Emergency Nurse

  • Great job! Thank you.
  • I think bringing allied professionals together to learn is the most effective way to teach them how to work as a true trauma team. More simulation would bring safer more rewarding experiences to RNs, RTs and residents.

Respiratory Therapist

  • I had a great time! Excellent learning opportunity and I will take this back to my home site!
  • A wonderful course. Well organized and enjoyed the diverse group and dynamic. I felt it was a safe learning environment and I learned a lot. Please do more courses like this! LOVED IT!!
  • Thanks for excellent opportunity. Speakers were great!

Surgical Resident – Program (Fellow)

  • Outstanding course – great at teaching the non-medical dimensions/complexities of trauma resuscitation and how and why they matter for patient outcomes. Thank you.

Surgical Resident – Program (PGY year 2)

  • Excellent work. Very interesting and thought provoking with great attention to our learning needs. The course covered lots that we are not exposed to via normal residency training. Thanks!
  • Great course! Well organized.
  • Perhaps the nurses and RT’s could know more about the simulation (i.e. what things are available etc.)
  • Good job, got more than what I expected; very welcoming team.
  • Excellent course

Surgical Resident Program (PGY year 3)

  • Really good – wish we could do more simulations! All handout to address “goal/ideal” medical treatment would be helpful to residents and not take time away from debriefings.
  • Probably have time for more simulations (5-6). Review particular skills (eg. Closing the loop, escalation) prior to individual stations so specific skills can be focused on and developed. Surgical Resident – Program (PGY year 4)
  • Excellent course. Good practice of communication skills in a trauma setting. Would recommend more scenarios, and less down time. Had a great experience.
  • Fantastic course!
  • Please don’t be turned away by all the ‘5s’ in the last section – I truly feel that way. This course should be made obligatory as it focuses on fundamental skills of communication and leadership. Strongly recommended. Surgical Resident – Program (PGY year 5)
  • Very effective debriefing sessions.


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