VISION:  Improve the lives of all those affected by or at risk of traumatic injury.

(Simulated Trauma and Resuscitation Team Training)



The Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) course is the gold standard of trauma care throughout the world. The Simulated Trauma and Resuscitation Team Training (S.T.A.R.T.T.) course builds on the ATLS principles but focuses on grooming an effective and efficient trauma team. It highlights trauma team design and organization and the differences between trauma management in a Level 1 trauma centre versus ATLS based management designed for a single practitioner in a rural setting. The course focuses on crisis resource management (CRM) training in order to teach participants how to effectively function as a member of a multidisciplinary trauma team.  We emphasize: communication and leadership skills, effective resource utilization, situational awareness and problem solving, and how to enhance completion of tasks.


The course consists of a brief didactic session discussing the principle of CRM training and the history and rationale behind CRM. The remainder of the day will consist of small groups rotating through a number of high-fidelity trauma simulations. Each will be followed by an extensive debriefing session by experienced trauma team members discussing not only the medical content of the scenario but also focusing on communication and leadership skills and applying the CRM principles from the morning session.




By the end of this course the participant will be able to:

1)    discuss the history of crisis resource management training and the rationale for trauma team member training

2)    describe the principles of crisis resource management including problem- solving approaches, situational awareness, limited resource utilization, leadership and communication skills

3)    highlight the similarities and differences between a sequential ATLS approach to trauma management versus a parallel, simultaneous approach used in level 1 trauma centres

4)    understand the organization of the trauma team and the roles of each of its members

5)    have the opportunity to demonstrate and practice these skills by acting as a trauma team member during a simulated trauma resuscitation




The course is aimed at all trauma team members including :emergency physicians, surgeons, nurses, respiratory therapists and their respective trainees interested in enhancing trauma team skills. Previous ATLS training is ideal though not essential.



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