VISION:  Improve the lives of all those affected by or at risk of traumatic injury.
Vision and Mission Statements


Improve the lives of all those affected by or at risk of traumatic injury. 


The Trauma Association of Canada is committed to reduce the incidence and relieve the burden of injury by bringing together multidisciplinary health care professionals involved in the care of the injured patient to:
  • Improve the quality of injury care provided through the promotion of the highest standards of interprofessional practice
  • Provide education for its members at the local, regional and national level
  • Promote basic science and clinical trauma research and disseminate research findings
  • Advocate for and participate with key stakeholders in the development of a national injury surveillance registry
  • Participate in community disaster response planning
  • Establish, maintain and update trauma standards and create awareness of best practices
  • Actively participate with Accreditation Canada to promote, monitor and revise the Trauma Distinction accreditation program and processes
  • Advocate to governments to implement legislation designed to reduce the incidence of injury
  • Facilitate and participate in public education on injury prevention
  • Build coalitions with key partners in trauma care and injury prevention


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