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Our History

ITNC Membership

Benefits of ITNC Membership

ITNC Values

Defining Inclusive Trauma Systems

ITNC Structure


Shaping the future of trauma systems in Canada.

ITNC actively promotes optimal trauma care through an inclusive approach to trauma system development and continuous improvement.

Our History
In 1999, a small group of trauma managers and coordinators recognized the need to improve professional ties among those in similar trauma system positions. Later that year, several trauma coordinators and managers gathered in Ottawa, Canada to begin planning for the development of an organization that would strengthen the current network for professionals working in this field. Out of that meeting came the creation of the Trauma Coordinators of Canada (TCC). A second meeting was held in May of 2000, where the initial strategic plan for TCC was further developed by a larger group. This May 2000 meeting, attended by 15 trauma managers and coordinators, marked the first official meeting of the Trauma Coordinators of Canada.

Since May 2000, the TCC Executive has worked to establish the organization as a formal network within the Trauma Association of Canada. This model provides TCC with the unique opportunity to collaborate with TAC in a variety of ways, including: the provision of direct input into the development of strategies that will improve trauma care delivery; and participation in the development of trauma systems design throughout Canada. Through TCC, TAC has also been able to expand its non-physician membership.

In the spring of 2007, the TCC executive and membership felt that their name no longer represented its growing membership. The membership had evolved from trauma program managers and coordinators to now include all disciplines along the trauma continuum, including, NP's, CNS's, Trauma educators, clinicians, clinical nurses, paramedics, Canadian Forces Military Nurses and researchers. The membership felt that the name should truly represent the national network that it had become. In April of 2008, at the TAC annual scientific meeting in Whistler, the membership officially changed their name to The Interdisciplinary Trauma Network of Canada ( ITNC).

The ITNC membership meets on a yearly basis in conjunction with the Trauma Association of Canada’s Annual Conference.

ITNC Membership
Any individuals who is actively involved in coordinating or managing trauma care, trauma services, or the wider trauma system is invited to join ITNC.

Membership in ITNC is included in the $125 annual Trauma Association of Canada (TAC) membership. 

Benefits of ITNC Membership
Your ITNC membership fee helps support the work of ITNC, particularly in relation to the Annual ITNC Meeting held each year in conjunction with the TAC Annual Scientific Meeting.

There are also a number of ongoing projects that various ITNC members are working on. These projects include establishing a Canadian Trauma Coordinator/Manager education program which will support orientation and mentorship of trauma system leaders; and formalizing the role the Trauma Coordinator/Manager in the TAC Trauma Centre Accreditation/Verification process. The purpose of these projects are to further enhance and strengthen the role of trauma system leaders.

Throughout the year, you will receive updates from the ITNC Executive and various members regarding these activities and progress in the continued development of ITNC.

Your membership in ITNC also entitles you to join the ITNC Blog/Forum.  This Blog/Forum provides a communication tool which allows for ongoing networking and information sharing among ITNC members throughout the year.

ITNC Values
The leadership role of the ITNC is essential in promoting and achieving excellence with the trauma care system. The ITNC Membership has established the following values to guide us in our work:

  • Family-Centred Care
  • Team Work
  • System Integration
  • Professional Development
  • Quality Improvement
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Open Communication
  • Health and Well-being
  • Injury Prevention and Health Promotion

Defining Inclusive Trauma Systems
An inclusive trauma system is understood to include an interdisciplinary approach to injury prevention initiatives, pre-hospital care, acute in-hospital care, rehabilitation, community partnerships, research, provider education and quality management initiatives.

ITNC Structure 
Terms of Reference

President Theresa Pasquotti
Past President Ann Hogan
President ElectTanya Charyk Stewart
Treasurer Zahra Hussein
Secretary Amanda McFarlan
Paediatric Janet Lake
TRISCDeanna Fong
General Executives

Nancy Tze

Sherry MacGillivray

Diane Bradford


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