VISION:  Improve the lives of all those affected by or at risk of traumatic injury.

International Speakers

2010- Dr Fernando Ferreira (Halifax, NS)

2011- Dr Raul Coimbra (Banff, AB)

2012- Dr Ari Leppaniemi "Identity Crisis of Trauma Surgeons-The Northern European View" (Toronto, ON)

2013-Dr Gustavo Fraga "The View from Brazil" (Whistler, BC)

2014- Dr Manjul Joshipura "Containing an Epidemic of Injuries & Strengthening Care of the Injured Worldwide" (Montreal,PQ)

2015- Dr Luca Neri "Trauma & Ultrasound: The Evidence of WINFOCUS in Third World Countries" (Calgary, AB)

2016- Professor Timothy Coats "21st Century Trauma Care" (Halifax NS)

2017- Professor Keith Willett "How the UK Implemented a National Trauma System" (Vancouver, BC)


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